Michelle Ong 様



There are four levels in English Academic Purpose (EAP) course such as EAP 1, EAP 2, EAP 3 & EAP 4. I had finished my EAP 2, EAP 3 & EAP 4 in these four months. I learned reading, writing, speaking & listening skills in the lessons; & there are some tests before finish the course. In addition, the way of teaching in Australia is different with Japan. For example, the teachers in Australia often using critical thinking during the lesson & encourage the students to think critically. However, the teachers in Japan are talking all the time in the lesson & giving notes to the students. Therefore, many Asian students might not active in asking the lecturer questions & reading an article without fully understanding about what’s the author’s position of the article. Furthermore, we have to write a report at least 800 words in each course such as research essay & literature review.


There is a facility as Independent Learning Centre (ILC) for DUELI students & it’s good for students to improve their English skills. As an example, students could improve their speaking skill in the conversation room / do some listening practices & watch the movie in ILC room during the ILC time. As a result, students can improve their English skills by using the ILC facility. Moreover, the way of using ILC is students can borrow some books / movies by using their students’ card. However, students must return back the books to the ILC after a week. If students didn’t return back the books, they may not get their result mark & certificate.


The two things that I had changed through the study abroad are not to be too shy & independent. Firstly, I was a person that very shy to talk with other people & hardly to make new friends. However, I tried to be more active & brave to say hi to people after study abroad. So, I could make some new friends in Deakin such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Vietnamese. Secondly, I had learned to be independent in the study abroad. For example, I took a Melbourne city map & travelled in city alone. I asked the local people when I lost my way.